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Stephen Murray

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Primal Colophon

As of late, a few folks have reached out to me to learn more about my approach to nutrition. In particular, most are curious as to where I get my information, who to follow, where to source relevant academic articles, etc. Referring to an ancestral health lifestyle as my approach feels incredibly deceitful given how much I've learned from the paleo community and all of its exceedingly intelligent, erudite thought leaders. I wanted to take a moment and share the people and resources I rely on the most.


There are definitely others that have made excellent contributions to the primal movement, but these have been the staples for me thus far. Most of these people have their own podcasts and those are the resources which I find to be the most useful. Hearing all these guys talk about the latest randomized controlled trials, new bio hacks, bad science, good science, etc., is probably the most informative exercise of all my data gathering.


A note about PrimalPal: its a paid service that really helps with meal planning and grocery shopping. Many of the recipes are not strictly paleo, so you have be a little careful if your personal protocol eschews the controversial grey area foods like dairy, legumes, and resistant starches.